What it means to be Chartered

Only the leading financial planning firms can call themselves Chartered Financial Planners, and we’re very proud to be among those awarded this prestigious designation.

Often described as the ‘gold standard’ for anyone giving advice about money, our Chartered status means we’re highly qualified professionals committed to a code of professional ethics – and we make it our business to stay at our industry’s leading edge.

While the finer details of our qualification process might not make the most riveting reading for you, it’s enough to know that achieving Chartered status is rigorous and demanding – which is a good thing, as it means you can be sure you’re dealing with a leading business that puts you and your interests first.

The importance of being Chartered

This video by the CII explains the importance of being a Chartered Financial Planner. To find out more about choosing a Chartered FInancial Planner please get in touch with us.