Supporting the A-T Spring Ball

5th July 2020

The A-T Spring Ball was founded in 2012 by Vaughn and Joanne Rawson. They were moved by the plight of their close friends Tania & Andy Wheeler when their twin boys Zachary & Ruben were diagnosed with Ataxia Telangiectasia, otherwise known as A-T.

A-T is a degenerative condition, which causes increasingly severe disability and premature death. Currently, there is no cure and only limited treatment options.

Most A-T children use a wheelchair regularly by the age of 10 and within a few years need full-time care. Children often have problems reading and speaking, but their minds are unaffected.

The condition also affects the immune system, leading to frequent chest and lung infections and a high risk of leukaemia and other cancers. Children with A-T are unlikely to live beyond their early twenties.

The A-T Society is a small national charity that provides family support, funds medical research and raises awareness of the condition. Nearly all their income is from voluntary donations and they do everything they can to get the very best value from every pound raised.

Mercer & Associates have been one of the hosts and have involved our closest clients in this for the past 8 consecutive years, helping raise money for a very worthy cause. Darren issues invitations directly to existing clients to thank them for their continued support and feedback.

We donated £5,000 from the St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation to the A-T Society at the recent Charity Ball.

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