Creating a world you believe in

9th May 2022

Creating a world you believe in

The power of money to create a better future

Let’s think about the future for a moment. Our world in the future. A world that is cleaner, safer, and fairer: one that you want to live in, and the one you want to pass on to future generations.

Every decision we make today has an impact our-approach-to-responsible-investingon everything to come and, unlike Michael J. Fox, we haven’t got a time machine to correct our mistakes.

“Creating a better world, one you can believe in, seems a huge task for an individual” says Harriet Shepherd, SJP’S Marketing Propositions Manager for Financial Wellbeing.

“But when we all – clients and advisers – pull together to achieve this – we can really make an impact.”

And we do have other, very powerful tools at our disposal. One of them is all the little changes we can make every day. And the other, is money.

The power of money to create a better future

Sometimes, our individual ability to make a better world seems a drop in the ocean, but every small change creates a ripple. Choosing not to buy single-use plastic is good. Getting one global company to stop selling it completely is better.

By asking us to invest your money in a responsible way, you’re sending a green light to companies who operate responsibly themselves. Your money actively helps point companies in the right direction on climate change – and puts change on a faster track.

We’re in this together, which is why we’re committed to aligning all our investment portfolios to carbon net zero by 2050. As a company, we’re already carbon neutral and we’re aiming for carbon positive in just 4 years’ time.

Creating a world to believe in

It’s a big goal. But we’re a big company. And the bigger you are, the bigger your responsibility.

With more than £150 billion funds under management, we’ve got the size, scale, and the commitment to lead the way on investing responsibly.

By helping you control your finances, we’re putting you in control of creating a future you want and a world you want to live in.

“We give advice to clients. Advice that’s often life-changing” as Vicki Foster, Responsible Business Divisional Director, points out.

“That’s the impact of our advice on the world we’ll leave behind, and the world our children will inherit. We have a responsibility to make it a world worth living in.”

Our SJP Partners form part of a local network that channels resource and knowledge right down to the High Streets and communities across the UK. We’re out there in the community, using our money and our experience to make a difference.

Sharing our knowledge is an investment in everybody’s future financial wellbeing. Because the more we understand how to manage our money from an early age, the more confident we will feel as we grow up.

Actions speak louder than words

As part of our Financial Education programme, our staff are visiting primary and secondary schools, teaching children how to budget, how to save, even about the power of compound interest.

Many of us don’t talk about money growing up, and it’s really important that we all know about our pensions or how to get a mortgage, or the difference between a credit card and a debit card.

A world worth living in is one where people feel secure and in control of their lives. Often, that is intimately bound up with feeling confident with money. knowing where to find the information and who to talk to.

Here to support your financial wellbeing

A world worth living in is created from our collective goals.

Every time we sit down face-to-face with a client – setting goals, creating a financial plan – another small piece of a much bigger puzzle falls into place. If those goals are based on everything we believe in and hold dear, then the future we create will indeed be a better world.